About IFAR

The Wenzhou Medical University Institute for Advanced Research (WMU-IFAR) is located in the coastal city of Wenzhou in coastal Southeast China. It is a brand-new life sciences research institute founded by Wenzhou Medical University. IFAR has been designed with a clear vision to make major impact in the betterment of human life. Wenzhou Medical University, along with its five affiliated hospitals (four of which are ranked as Grade 3 Class A) and 19 non-directly affiliated teaching hospitals, has an established and undisputed reputation for being an epicenter for healthcare in China, combining research, education and medical services.

With a focus on diversity and the value of people, the Institute will provide a vibrant, well-supported working environment. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities purpose-built for research, training, and outcome commercialization. The Institute will conduct cutting-edge research focused on (but not limited to) five key research themes:
1) Data science and public health
2) Cancer and immunotherapy
3) Genomics and novel sequencing technologies
4) Functional genomics and model systems
5) Stem cell and nanomedicine.